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Please click on the PDF to access new client forms, policies and procedures and boarding information. We ask that you please print these forms and have them filled out prior to your consult.

Policies and Procedures 2021


New client info

Boarding information

Wedding contract



The Furry Godmother is owned and operated by Heather M Deschambeau

Our mailing address is: 2310 Kennwynn Rd  Wilmington, DE 919810

Phone: 302-4547-2078


Office Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:30am to 6:30pm

Saturday: 10:00am to 3:00pm

Sunday: Closed (emails and phone messages received will be returned by the end of the following business day)

How does the service work?

To schedule services, please simply fill out our online form , call us directly at 302-547-2078 or email us your details at Once we receive your request, a staff member will contact you to schedule your FREE in home consult.

What happens at the consult?

The Free in home consult takes place between you and your prospective sitter at a convenient time for you both. It is a wonderful opportunity for your family to meet us and for us to get to know your furry loved ones. The consult typically lasts about 30 minutes. We spend the time gathering information about the care of your animal(s), their likes and dislikes, feeding information,  our policies and procedures and more. You may access our intake forms above by clicking the links provided. We ask that you please have two copies of your house key available (one for the sitter and one for the office). If your home is typically accessed via a code, we ask that you still please provide one key for the office in case of a power outage. 

Is a deposit required?

Yes. We require a 25% deposit of your invoice total within seven days of your consult. Your balance will be due approximately ten days after the end of your scheduled service. Should your consult fall within seven days of the first scheduled visit, full payment will be due by the start of any service. This policy does not apply to our regular, monthly clients. Monthly clients will be sent a monthly invoice due by the 25th of each month and cancel fees are assessed separately. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

The Furry Godmother accepts cash, checks, Zelle, Venmo and PayPal.

Are there cancellation fees?

Yes. Our cancel fees are as follows:

Vacation clients cancelation/change fees -

10 days prior to start of first scheduled visit - 10% of the invoice total is due

7 days prior to start of first scheduled visit - 25% or deposit amount forfeited

5 days prior to start of first scheduled visit - 50 % of invoice total is due
2 days prior to start of first scheduled visit - 75 % of invoice total is due Less than 24 hours notice - 100% of invoice total is due

Boarding cancelations can be found on our Boarding 2021 policy tab

Regular clients cancelation/change fees-

A regular client is a client with whom The Furry Godmother has an ongoing relationship on a regular basis (weekly or monthly). Regular clients will be emailed their invoices within five days prior to the start of the month. It is imperative for the client to review the invoice and contact the office immediately, should there be any discrepancies. If the office does not hear otherwise within 48 hours, we reserve the right to assume the invoice is correct.

Regular clients may cancel up to 9pm(for mid day visits) prior to the day of scheduled service with no penalty. Clients may cancel up to 8am(for dinner or pm visits) the day of scheduled service with no penalty. For

cancellations 9pm-8am(mid day visits) OR 8am-noon (dinner and pm visits) a $5 cancel fee will be added. Any canceled, scheduled visit for mid day after 8am or any dinner/pm visit after noon; full payment will be expected. Should you need to cancel, please send an email as soon as possible. If it is last minute, please send an email and text to the office and sitter.

Regular clients must give a minimum of ten business days notice should they want to cancel service. If notice is not given, a $50 penalty will be added to the final invoice.

For ALL clients - there are no refunds for any early termination. Changes and additions to the agreed upon schedule are subject to a $5 fee, once the invoice is confirmed. 

** If service is scheduled within seven days, any cancel fees will be based off  25% of your invoice total.

** Any service booked within three days of our listed holidays will incur an additional $15 convenance fee

**All keys will be returned once payment is made, in full or The Furry Godmother and client no longer engage in pet care services


We ask that as much notice as possible be given when scheduling your visits. We limit the number of animals in our care to ensure that your furry loved one receives the proper attention. , in addition to safety reasons. Holidays and weekends tend to book up quickly, especially with boarding, so please book early.

Last minute bookings

An additional charge my be assed for any last minute booking under 48 hours notice. Please try to schedule your visits with as much notice as possible, as services are schedule on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot guarantee our availability to aommodate last minute requests and late scheduling may result in our need to come to your home at a different time than requested or vary the length of time for the requested visit., especially during our busier seasons. In addition, we do not service any client with whom we have not had a chance to meet beforehand. All clients not in our database need a minimum one week notice so that we have plenty of time to schedule a consult with you. This is for the safety and concerns of you, your animal, your home and our sitters.

Special benefits of hiring The Furry Godmother

Daily log: We leave a note after every visit to let you know how your animal is doing. We will notate any unusual changes in behavior, eating habits, etc. and also let you know if you are running low on any supplies.

We're virtual: Email and text updates are always available.

Flexibility and personal attention: We cater to your needs. Every situation can be 100% customized to make your pet as comfortable as possible. All you have to do is ask!

We are ready to handle the not so ordinary: We are trained in American Cross Pet First Aid and CPR. We are professionals and  handle each situation as such. In the event of an emergency, we will notify you immediately and seek the care of a veterinarian

We do what we love: We are dedicated to providing the best care available for your furry loved ones. We see our furry friends and their humans as extended family. We also seek new ways to improve our services and participate in ongoing training, education and remain up to date with pet care, health and the industry trends.

What do you look for in a sitter?

All Furry Godmother's are specifically chosen. Only responsible pet lovers and sitters are hired. The Godmothers must not only have a love, but a PASSION for animals. All sitters go through a criminal and personal background checks.

Can I book reservations or make changes directly through my sitter?

All reservations and changes need to be made directly via the office. If this is not done, neither you or the sitter will have the protection of liability insurance and our dishonesty bond. At The Furry Godmother, we highly encourage a strong relationship between you and your sitter so we are happy to let you cc your sitter in any email correspondence you make with the office. Last minute changes can be texted to your assigned sitter, but must be copied to the office main number.

How do I know the sitter has shown up?

We hope only responsible sitters and to assure your confidence, The Furry Godmother requires all sitters to leave notes at every visit. These notes will tell you your pets behavior, eating habit, exercise, potty break, play time craziness and health concerns. For our regular clients, these notes are a fantastic way to learn about the bond building between your pet and sitter!

Should I tip my sitter?

Treat our service as you would any other. Pet sitters are thrilled to receive monetary appreciation for superior service. Nothing is ever expected., but always appreciated. If you do decide to tip your sitter, we ask that you either leave cash or noting in your payment the amount extra you would like to go to your sitter.

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